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What Are The Benefits of Rent to Own? 
​It's now within your reach to own your home. Why rent when you can buy?  

Money on Tap Rent to Own program: 


You are able to build equity rather than spending all your money on rent and contributing ONLY to the Landlord’s accumulating wealth.

You can now renovate to improve value and benefit from real estate inflation. You can decorate, landscape, improve the appearance increasing the value of the home, with your pride of ownership paying big rewards back to you.


(a) Average rent is $1,500 to $1,700 per month x 36 months = $54,000 to $61,200 completely lost, no hope




(A) Forced savings typically $350-$400 per month = $12,600 to $14,400 your money


(B) Average real estate inflation has been 10-12% annual but consider if maintains 6% (2% is yours after investor takes 4%) per year providing a net gain to Occupant using $500,000 purchase after three years accumulated wealth equity of $40,000


(C) Over time you spend $5,000 to paint, decorate, landscape all general improvements and maintenance but in doing so can increase property value by $15,000 to $20,000



$54,000 to $61,200 GONE, lost to the Landlord


$12,600-$14,400 + $40,000 + $15,000-$20,000 = $67,600-$74,400 ACCUMULATED YOUR WEALTH



If you continue to rent you will have lost over three years $67,600-$74,400 = real cash money, YOURS.

  • You are building savings while enjoying the pleasures and benefits of having complete privacy and the enjoyment of home ownership, no Landlord to bug you. PLUS pride of ownership is yours to benefit and grow with, applying it to your future.

  • No fighting to get repairs done. Even if a Landlord does repairs it is on the Landlord’s schedule and you have no control. Whereas you maintain your home for you, and your family

  • Rather than live where there is an available rental you get to choose where to live and the home of your dreams to start a whole new path in your lives. No rental is ever going to be a dream home.

  • Due to Canada being peaceful and such a high demand country by the whole world, our home values are expected to continue to spiral. It is impossible to save fast enough to keep up with the rising prices and affordability is becoming a major issue for many people. Enjoy the pleasures and benefits of home ownership and the accumulate wealth now.

  • Yes, there are bad RTO programs, and there are very few REALLY GOOD programs.

  • THE NEW YOU!! Credit repaired if damaged + own your own home + accumulated wealth

  • Personal Loans

  • Small Business Loans

  • Leasing

  • Cash Advances

  • Account Receivable Factoring

  • Trade Credit Insurance


MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 

MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 


MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 

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