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Flexible and fair terms. 



  • Leasing is fully tax deductible

  • Preserves cash flow

  • Easy Budgeting

  • Diversify Financing Sources


Leasing frees your lines of credit for when you really need them. Diversifying your capital sources will ensure your business is not dependent on one financial institution.

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Accounts Receivable Factoring


Instant access to 80 - 95% of your Accounts Receivable.  

All funding is electrically transferred to your account within 24 hours of delivery of goods or completion of service.

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Inventory Funding

If you have suppliers that must be paid before you can sell your inventory, then inventory funding is right for you.

Funding on inventory fluctuations? 


Our approach is flexible yet robust and can help you achieve a higher sales volume.
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Purchase Order (PO) Funding


Money on Tap’s arranges to pay your suppliers on ALL Pre-sold finished goods from creditworthy customers.

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SR&ED Refunds


SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) refunds are Canadian federal tax credit incentives offered to companies who conduct research and development. This tax refund entices businesses of all sizes to take part in SR&ED and is the biggest federal source of support for industrial SR&ED.​

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Trade Credit Insurance – Receivables Insurance


Why risk bad debts selling to your customers? Money on Tap offers insurance against trade risks. Trade credit insurance is insurance that strengthens your business’ risk management capabilities. Our trade credit insurance removes the inherent risk from dealing with customers who may not have an ideal financial status. 


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