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Purchase Order Funding
​We Pay Your Suppliers For You.

What is Purchase Order Funding?

Money on Tap’s Purchase Order Funding Services pays your suppliers for finished goods, based upon valid Purchase Orders from your credit worthy customers.

You become more competitive and complete your sale with virtually no out of pocket expense "tripling" your sales a lot faster with our money. 


Consider the following scenario:


You are a wholesaler, manufacturer, importer, distributor, or a similar business requiring finished goods from a supplier.  Your business has had no problem fulfilling its typical order sizes but a large order has come in from one of your current customers. It is clear that the order exceeds your current operation.


Who Uses PO Funding Services?

Obtaining Purchase Order financing to pay your Suppliers is easy because it is based on your customer’s credit worthiness, not yours. So you don't lay out any money.

Money on Tap establishes a letter of credit to your suppliers to pay for your goods. The supplier will deliver your desired goods to your 3rd party warehouse or your customers enabling you to fulfill the increased demand.

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