Save Tax, Take Time to Pay For Your Merchandise & Equipment.

Why Choose Leasing

Advantages of leasing with Money on Tap:



  • Retain valuable cash resources.

Tax Breaks

  • Tax breaks apply only to operational leases. You deduct 100% of the cost of the  lease as an operational expense. While capital expenses are not tax deductible, you can claim CCA (Capital Cost Allowance) under the CRA.


Easy Budgeting

  • Regular lease payments simplify accounting procedures, eliminates depreciation scheduling for the leased equipment and allows you to maintain consistent control over equipment expenditures.

Diversify Financing Sources

  • Leasing affords you the freedom to free your lines of credit for when you really need them. Diversifying your capital sources will ensure your business is not dependent on any one financial institution.

Planned Equipment Depreciation

  • Computer technology requires replacement regularly due to obsolescence and newer system requirements. Leases provide convenient strategies for the upgrade, turnover or purchase of leased equipment.


Money on Tap can provide both large and small leasing packages based on the value of equipment and your credit. Read below to find out more about qualifying for a Money on Tap lease.


Qualifying for a Money on Tap Lease

Leasing is a great option for established businesses in operation for over two years. All of our programs require the following:


  1. Good credit

  2. New assets

  3. Acceptable financials (balance sheet, income statements)

  4. Up to date C.R.A payments.

  5. Personal guarantees


With good credit, Money on Tap can confidently supply you with a lease. Contact us to discuss in detail the lease programs we offer or consult our funding matrix.


Lease End

With Money on Tap once your lease ends, you have three options. You may:


  1. Purchase your equipment for the remaining value

  2. Upgrade to the newest technology

  3. Return the equipment with no obligation


To learn more about the lease program and the process, please contact us.


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