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Accounts Receivable Factoring 
​More businesses fail due to lack of cash flow than for any other reason.
See how factoring can help you.

Accounts Receivable Factoring Simplified


Money On Tap Inc, When the banks says “No”, we say “Yes.” Money On Tap Inc offers an accounts receivable factoring service that gives you instant access from 80% to 95% of all your invoices with the balance paid upon your customers’ payment, less a small fee.


Tired of cash flow problems? Cash in your invoices, for instant cash with MOT. Improve your business, grow faster, and become a lot more competitive with account receivable factoring by improving cash flow, creating fresh capital for growth, making payroll, and pay suppliers on time & alleviate the stress of expenses. Your funder does all your customers’ credit checks and collections, free of charge and gives you an AR list that you have control over.


Our factoring process involves 3 simple steps: 1 invoice your client and send us a copy of your invoice. 2, receive up to 95% of the value on your invoice instantly. And 3, when full payment is received from your customer, you'll receive the remaining percent of your invoice value, less a small factoring fee. Then your transaction’s complete.

Money On Tap Inc, when the bank say “No”, we say “Yes.”

At Money on Tap we believe in providing quality financial services that resonate with our core values:

Transparency, integrity, and commitment to excellence.

Instant access from 80% - 95% of all invoiced value within 24 hours of delivery of goods or completion of the service all electronically deposited into your account.

Accounts Receivable factoring alleviates cash flow issues often found in the payment process by allowing you to cash your invoices for cash now. It is a quick and effective way to receive the cash flow you need to support your business without having to worry about waiting for payment from your Accounts Receivable. Money on Tap provides factoring services at industry leading competitive rates and conditions.


How can Money on Tap's Accounts Receivable Factoring Improve my Business?

  1. Turn your Accounts Receivable and Purchase Orders into cash.

  2. Creates fresh capital for growth.

  3. Become more competitive - offer those terms as demanded by your customers  

  4. Free up time, energy, and alleviate the stress of supplier and labour expenses.

  5. We do credit checks on customers and collections free of charge.


Steps before Accounts Receivable Factoring Funding

Before funding, the following must be completed:

  1. You invoice your client and provide us with a copy of the invoice. Money on Tap will fund from 80% for regular invoicing or 95% for trucking invoices immediately

  2. You are refunded the reserve held back immediately upon receipt of payment from customers less the factoring fee.


A simple and transparent process allowing you to quickly capitalize on your invoice assets and add value to your business. View more about the Accounts Receivable Factoring Process.


Three Step Process 
​Money on Tap’s factoring process is quick to set up and flexible to meet your exact needs and situation. Our three-step process makes sure that facilities are set up in one week or less.

Step 1


Invoice your client and send us a copy a copy of the invoice.
























Step 2


Receive up to 95% the value of your invoice instantly. Money on Tap takes over the receivable for your customer.
























Step 3


When full payment is received from your client, you receive the remaining percent of the invoice value, less our small fee. The transaction is complete.























Simple, quick, and smart. Contact us today to get more information, and get started with Money on Tap 3 step factoring today. 


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  • Small Business Loans

  • Leasing

  • Cash Advances

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring

  • Trade Credit Insurance


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