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Quick Reliable Factoring of Accounts Receivable
"Tomorrow's Money Today... Cash Now For Your Receivables"
​More businesses fail due to lack of cash flow than for any other reason. See how factoring can help you.

Money On Tap Inc, When the banks says “No”, we say “Yes.” Money On Tap Inc offers an accounts receivable factoring service that gives you instant access from 80% to 95% of all your invoices with the balance paid upon your customers’ payment, less a small fee.


Tired of cash flow problems? Cash in your invoices, for instant cash with MOT. Improve your business, grow faster, and become a lot more competitive with account receivable factoring by improving cash flow, creating fresh capital for growth, making payroll, and pay suppliers on time & alleviate the stress of expenses. Your funder does all your customers’ credit checks and collections, free of charge and gives you an AR list that you have control over.


Our factoring process involves 3 simple steps: 1 invoice your client and send us a copy of your invoice. 2, receive up to 95% of the value on your invoice instantly. And 3, when full payment is received from your customer, you'll receive the remaining percent of your invoice value, less a small factoring fee. Then your transaction’s complete.

Money On Tap Inc, when the bank say “No”, we say “Yes.”


Accounts Receivable Factoring alleviates the cash flow bottleneck found in the payment process.  It allows you to cash your invoices now!  It is a quick and effective way to receive the cash flow you need to support your business.  No more worrying or waiting for your Accounts Receivable. Money on Tap provides factoring services at industry-leading competitive rates.


How can Money on Tap 
Accounts Receivable Factoring
Improve my Business?


  1. Turn your Accounts Receivable and Purchase Orders into cash.

  2. Creates fresh capital for growth.

  3. Free up time, energy, and alleviate stress of expenses.

  4. Allow us to conduct credit checks and collections on invoices. 

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Money on Tap insider

Staffing Companies benefit from factoring. 

Money on Tap insider

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Money on Tap insider

Understanding Asset-Based Factoring.

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